Fleur de Sel with Herbs & Citrus Zests

Sparoza Product Category: Fleur de Sel
100g / 3.53oz 75

We have combined our exquisite Fleur de Sel with a blend of Greek herbs, delicate spices, black sesame and our own citrus zests.

When added right after cooking, it releases aromatic bursts of flavour! You may also use it in salads and raw food recipes.

SPAROZA Fleur de Sel is handpicked with care in the summertime from the deep crystal clear waters of Southern Crete or Mani. 100% pure and unrefined, it is rich in minerals, trace elements and calcium.

Price : 4,90



Sparoza Ingredient: Black Sesame Seeds
Black Sesame Seeds
Sparoza Ingredient: Coriander
Sparoza Ingredient: Fleur de Sel
Fleur de Sel
Sparoza Ingredient: Lemon Zest
Lemon Zest
Sparoza Ingredient: Orange Zest
Orange Zest
Sparoza Ingredient: Pink Pepper
Pink Pepper
Sparoza Ingredient: Rosemary
Sparoza Ingredient: Thyme

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