Since 2014 SPAROZA has created a selected range of cooking and infusion blends aiming to offer the consumer meaningful products.
They can be used for experimentation or for convenience, for a fast snack or a slow-cooked meal, a quick cup-of-tea or a mindful ritual.
We follow 6 simple principles:
• bold unique formulas
• fresh and supreme quality ingredients
• captivating and user friendly packaging
• sustainable production methods
• fair pricing
• commitment to offering our partners unwavering quality of services

SPAROZA products do not contain preservatives, additives, artificial flavours and colorants.
They are appropriate for special diets: gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, raw, low calorie, low sodium. Sugar free.

Sparoza Ingredients

You are only as good as the raw materials you use..

..and we only use the best quality herbs and spices!

We select the raw materials of our blends with strict criteria and treat each ingredient with respect; our fleur de sel is retained naturally moist, rosemary and thyme are picked when in blossom, we make our very own top quality citrus zest using fresh Greek lemons and oranges…
Every ingredient is ground to a different degree so as to best preserve its culinary and nutritional value.

Sparoza Products

At SPAROZA we don’t see the end product as an end but as a creative beginning..