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Naxos: the must-visit destination for summer 2016

Naxos stands out as the number one destination for the summer of 2016, in Greece and abroad. Luxury travel guide CondeNast Traveler describes it as the island of unspoiled beaches with shimmering turquoise waters, the world famous chef Anthony Bourdain dedicates his show to Naxos praising the local food and people while CNN describes Naxos as a lush Greek island that delivers the good life!

Riza Greek Exeperience Store opened recently at Naxos town. It is a beautiful store that gathers selected Greek products of exquisite quality. Its modern and unique space brings together various objects of Greek designers and producers from various industries including fashion, decoration, art and of course gastronomy. Here you can also find the SPAROZA range of products that the owners tasted and loved.

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