Fish parcels

INGREDIENTS 2 seabasses, seabreams, cods or other fish 2 tsps  SPAROZA cooking blend with herbs & lemon zest olive oil, salt, lemon juice baking paper PREPARATION Add some salt to the fish and rub the blend on the entire surface. Cut 2 pieces of baking paper, brush or spray with olive oil and fold in…

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Salt cod and skordalia

A twist on the traditional Greek Independence day cod & skordalia recipe, featured in the Australian food blog Mulberry and Pomegranate. Lighter, gluten-free and with the aroma of SPAROZA herbs and spices, you can enjoy it not only on the 25th of March but every day of the year!

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Yemista with a twist

Australian food blogger Mrs Mulberry (Kat) cooks yemista with the SPAROZA Mediterranean Blend with 15 herbs, spices and seeds! Visit www.mulberrypomegranate.blogspot.com for her creative tweak on this traditional Greek recipe and many more fresh recipe ideas!

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piri piri

Spicy pancettas

Our piri piri sauce doubles as an all-purpose marinade! Try this recipe that adds wonderful taste and aromas to pancettas.

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